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Talking About Sex in a Country That Hates Talking About Sex

This is a country in which babies are being birthed in dozens and the population continues to overflow. This is a country in which numerous families have more children than they can cater for. This is a country housing many cultures which place priority on the expansion of family. And apparently, sex is not involved in any part of this.

We pretend that sex is not a major factor of life, and of culture, and that it should be relegated to the silence preserved for the undesirable, or at least, undignified. We put on the transparent cloak of holiness, not knowing that our true nature is left for the world to see. We do this at a disservice to ourselves.

Some argue that it is wrong to talk about sex openly. But no one is here to advocate for distasteful pornographic discussions peddled to children. We need to acknowledge the factor of its existence and importance to the health of society, instead of trying to hide it away.  More so, the result of the sex we have is in the open and there are a bunch of factors that make it necessary for us to talk about it – in form of sex education.


Whether or not we discuss intercourse, it is a living phenomenon which many people are involved in, even the teenagers. But the wrong notions they have could cause them to be led astray and go about it in a way that puts their health and their futures in jeopardy. But by teaching the basics about safety and intercourse, they can find a way to keep themselves safe.

In fact, teaching them about sex could indeed keep them away from it. Spurred by hormones and curiousity, teenagers could decide to give sex a try, to know exactly what it is all about. But if they are taught about it, it becomes demystified in their minds. It is no longer a secret that intrigues them.

The truth is, our teenagers are going to learn about sex one way or the other and would you rather it be through an internet video, a creepy horny adult or would you want it to be through the safety of the classroom/home where you or their teachers could guide them in knowing the important things to know about sex in a healthy, harmless way?


We should also note the factor of sexual assault and rape. Many people have such awful orientations about what sex should be that they live the rest of their lives endangering themselves or putting others in harm’s way.

For some, sex is seen as a form of reward or gift. For boys who grow up to hold this idea, they become entitled to a girl’s body once they feel as though she owes them something. Sex becomes a form of payback. And if she refuses, they see it as their rights – as men – to take it by force and not something to mutually agree on.

Sex education teaches the language of consent. We have many women, and even men, today whose earliest experiences of intimacy are through rape or assault. Without sex education, they have grown to have many ugly ideas about what sex could be. Some of the thoughts in their heads could be:

  1. Sex is a bad, bad thing. I don’t ever what to get close to a woman again in my life.
  2. I do not have power over my own body. If someone desires sex from me, I have no right to deny them of it.
  • If I want to have sex with a girl, I just have to grab her and do whatever I want.

But an effective counter to this would be the weapon of sex education in schools, the media and at home, to correct orientations which could be damaging to society.


Nigeria has an economy which cannot continue to support the millions of new poor lives we keep introducing into it. Family planning is very important to the preservation of the country. Many families, both educated and illiterate, do not think of family planning. We see many families which cannot even fully feed three children having up to eight kids because sex to them is nothing but a caution-free exercise between couples. But talking about how to have safe sex in a way that could prevent giving birth to an entire football team can stop this nation-threatening bane called overpopulation.

The media, school and families have the jobs to talk about sex in a country that hates talking about sex. There should be many more television programs and radio-based outreaches which educate the masses on healthy sexual lives.

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