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Call for Submissions: #EndSARS Witness Account

The recent (and hopefully on-going) #EndSARS campaign is perhaps the biggest movement in the country’s recent history. Drawing solidarity from the United Nations, TIME Magazine and Jack Dorsey, it is a global phenomenon that will be remembered for decades to come. However, the narrative about what we all witnessed in the past fourteen days seems to be in a state of flux: truth appears relative, with the government contradicting itself and the citizens concerning what truly went down. There is a risk involved here – history could tell this story the wrong way.

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This is why we are calling on all you storytellers to get to work and document this moment. In an effort to launch our “I Am A Witness” series, we are calling for essays dwelling on the #EndSARS movement.  This could be your personal experiences or analytical takes on the significance of the movement, its failure and success, and what the future holds for the youth in Nigeria.

While we love detailed analysis, we strongly discourage academic and/or impenetrable diction. Our platform aims to appeal to the common man; therefore if it appears our audience could have trouble relating to your language, we will reject it no matter how groundbreaking the idea.

If interested, please email our editor at before November 1.


Please note that we are not a paying publication at the moment.

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